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Chosen Space is an MMO RPG/Strategy space game where players are given command of their own ship and let loose into a vast galaxy of star systems and planets.  Not only are players given a whole galaxy to explore and live in, they can do so almost however they like. Chosen Space supports numerous playstyles; users can haul cargo, mine asteroids, hunt bounties, carry passengers even vie for domination over planets or the Galaxy itself.

Chosen Space also has a strong focus on community. You won't be alone out there. You'll be sharing the Galaxy with thousands of other players each with their own goals and ambitions. It's up to you to decide how you interact with each other, join a pre-existing faction or make your own, go it alone, the choice is yours.
Deadly rivalries, unbreakable alliances; that's just week one!
It should come with a warning, 'Danger - This Game is Addictive' - nightblind

This game is one of the few games that I can sit down and play for hours on end, or only a few minutes a day and still feel fufilled... - Count

I have never played a game where you could do anything you wanted. There were always rules or objectives to achieve, but with this one you can do whatever you want! - cptharley

There are no rules to how you play the game... we make the game. that's the beauty of it all - Rhonan

This game isn't about 3D graphics or fast action. It's about interacting with people. Quit playing with pixels and start playing with real people! - TheWal
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